How to build a Wild Bee Hotel

A pollinator's paradise

Ein Handwerker, der ein Holzhaus für Insekten mit einem Bohrer in der Werkstatt herstellt

fits in:

The real jacks of all trades in our gardens and parks are wild bees. These hardworking pollinators are all-rounders when it comes to pollinating flowers and plants. We have already explained here about the important role that wild bees play in our ecosystem and about the dangers that they are facing.

The bumblebee, one of the best-known wild bees, builds its nests underground, for example in former mouseholes. Other wild bees tend to live above ground. Want to know how you can help our buzzing friends? If so, we have a step-by-step guide to the construction of a wild bee hotel for you to download and copy.

Why build a hotel for wild bees?

Wild bees love to live in small holes and crevices, but un­fortunately these places are becoming increasingly rare. This is where our Wild Bee Hotel comes in. Around 40 different species of wild bees benefit from these nesting aids! The more varied the nesting options, the greater the chance of attracting different species.

So hurry up and download the guide here and build your very own Wild Bee Hotel.

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