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Report about the fight against illegal fishing in the Mediterranean
BLOG (en)

Final report Sea Shepherd

We have been supporting the Sea Shepherd team since June 2021. A swarm of drones was used in the fight against illegal fishing in the Mediterranean.

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Ein Handwerker, der ein Holzhaus für Insekten mit einem Bohrer in der Werkstatt herstellt
BLOG (en)

Wild Bee Hotel: building guide

Wild bees are important pollinators in gardens and parks, but their habitat is dwindling. You can help with a wild bee hotel in your garden. Build your own Wild Bee Hotel now with our guide.

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ein Bauer mit einem Traktor der ein Maisfeld bearbeitet
BLOG (en)

Bumblebees without future

The controversial herbicide glyphosate is due to expire in the EU in mid-December 2023. It is currently unclear whether the authorisation will be extended for another five years. Assessments by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which are relevant in this context, do not see this as a problem.1

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