Ein Schweinswal liegt angelandet am Strand aber noch im Meereswasser.

Help the native porpoises!

In August 2020, the Bees & Trees Foundation decided to support the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) in its mission to protect native and endangered harbor porpoises. 

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Nahaufnahme einer Biene mit flatternden Flügeln, die gerade eine weiße Blüte anfliegt und auf dieser landen wird.
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Wild bees

Wild bees are particularly important for the preservation of the ecosystem, because many plants can only be pollinated and thus reproduce by them, as they have adapted to each other in a species-specific way.

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Nahaufnahme einer schwarzen Drohne (Anafi USA).

Combat illegal fishing

Since June 2021, Bees & Trees has been supporting Sea Shepherd in the fight against illegal, re-regulated and undocumented (IUU) fishing in the Mediterranean by providing a drone swarm.

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Nahaufnahme eines kleinen Schmetterlings, der auf einer größeren lila Blüte sitzt.