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Trauma therapy and family interaction

Two soldiers walking while putting an arm around each others shoulders


We support our veterans!

A matter of the heart of our foundation and its founder, who himself supported the German Veterans Association for many years.

With two projects, which already took place in March 2022, our foundation wanted to make a first contribution to support veterans who perform a great service to their country.

In order to help veterans and family members deal with psychological atrocities, experiences and memories, Bees & Trees therefore supports the implementation of equine-assisted trauma therapies and family interactions out of conviction.

1. “Family Interaction Project”
Mentally wounded people and their relatives are supported here with the aim of promoting lost family interaction. The focus is on the exchange of experiences between the families as well as professional socio-pedagogical support. 

2. “Supportive Equine Therapy”
As animals with enormous empathy, horses can be trained to be therapy animals, which Alice Rosslenbroich in particular advocates from her experience as an animal-assisted therapy coach. Therefore, we promote equine-assisted trauma therapy to promote mental healing for veterans.

If you would like to find out more about and support the Veterans Association, you can find more information here: 

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