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Help the native porpoises!

A back view of a porpoise swimming in the water.


We support the conservation of the native harbor porpoise

In August 2020, the Bees & Trees Foundation decided to support the “Whale and Dolphin Conservation” (WDC) in the mission to protect the native and endangered harbor porpoises. 

We chose this project after coming into contact with the marine mammals in the wild in the summer of 2020. 

Our desire is to better protect these beautiful animals, which in addition are incredibly important for the environment and play a crucial role in climate change.

Cecilia Rosslenbroich, our social media representative, contacted the WDC and accompanied the project for us. Through a petition, more than 100,000 signatures were collected calling for an end to set gillnet fishing in the protected areas of the North and Baltic Seas. In addition, such fishing methods should be restricted outside these areas in order to stop the bycatch of whales as far as possible.

WDC is the world’s leading non-profit organization successfully dedicated to the conservation of whales and dolphins. 

Our foundation cares deeply about marine mammals and their habitat, which is why we are happy to contribute to their protection.

The organization works globally and nationally, independently and scientifically, and advocates for whales and dolphins and the protection of their habitats – the oceans and rivers – through campaigns, research, field and conservation projects, and education.  Its priorities include closing dolphinariums, preventing whaling, protecting the ocean, and ending bycatch.

One of WDC’s current projects is to save harbor porpoises living in the Baltic and North Seas, whose numbers are in alarming and continuing decline. The main reason for this is their entanglement in bottom-set gillnets, where they are forced to suffer an agonizing death by suffocation as “bycatch.”

WDC is calling for an end to set gillnet fishing in marine protected areas established specifically for harbor porpoises, because even there the deadly nets continue to be set. In addition, further bycatch outside the protected areas should be prevented through further restrictions and measures, and alternative fishing methods should be promoted that are both environmentally friendly and meet the needs of the fishermen.

In order to achieve these important goals, political and public action must be taken, and we as a foundation are happy to provide financial support. 

Drei Personen, die jeweils drei verschiedene Gegenstände halten. Die Frau auf der linken Seite hält ein kleines Modell eines Schweinswals, der sich in einem Netz verfangen hat, die Frau in der Mitte hält ein Schild mit der Petition, der Mann auf der rechten Seite hält ein größeres Modell eines Schweinswals, der sich in einem Netz verfangen hat.

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